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Ava Apple

Ava Apple, a San Francisco native, has been dancing professionally since her teens.
She has performed & taught throughout the USA, Hong Kong, Italy, and The Netherlands, and has received honors for her contribution to the world of Salsa & Latin Dance at the
2002 West Coast Salsa Congress,
the 2003 SF Salsa Congress,
and the 2003 Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts 25th anniversary Celebration

She has won many titles in Hustle, Salsa, and Theater Arts, and along with her partner Rodolfo Guzman, now owns Symbolic Dance & Fitness in San Francisco, Ca., and is director of The Latin Symbolics & SF Touch dance teams.

Many well know dancers got their start in Ava’s classes and on her dance teams,
including Junior & Emily Alabi,
Alex Lee & Chi Le,
and Ciro & MaryAnn Martinez, to name just a few….

Private lessons with Ava or Rodolfo are available at SD&F by appointment.

The cost is $70 for a one hour lesson (one or two students)
$180 for 3 lessons, $300 for 6 lessons.
24 hour cancellation policy.
Please email Ava at to schedule your lesson!

For up to date info on class days/times/rates – please visit our Calendar page


  1. Sherman
    January 31, 2012

    Dear Ava:

    I’ve talked to several of my friends who are salseros (past and present) and they ALL seem to agree that you are the best salsa instructor in the Bay Area.

    They say that you teach ‘Salsa on 2’.

    This is the salsa that I would like to learn. I am a total newbie, but would love to learn the mambo style rather than learn the more popular on 1 (LA style) here on the West Coast.

    As for previous dance experience, I dance Argentine Tango, but would love to learn salsa on 2. It seems there are not that many beginning classes for it.

    I am hoping you are teaching it somewhere in San Francisco on either the weekends, Mondays or Wednesdays, the only times I am available to do salsa.

    Anywhoo, I look forward to hearing from you and keeping my fingers crossed that you also teach ‘On 2’ somewhere.

    Kind regards,
    Sherman :-)

    • ava
      February 3, 2012

      Hi Sherman,

      Yes, there are not many On 2 Beginner classes in the Bay Area.
      Most people that want to learn “On 2” are already Int/Adv “On 1” dancers, so they can jump into a more advanced class…

      Something to keep in mind – although many classes are “On 1”, most of us here in the Bay Area dance closer to NY/On 2 style rather than what used to be considered “L.A.” style. You might want to give our On 1 Salsa lessons a try!

      Another option is to take a few private lessons – which we do offer at our studio.


  2. Jahleel
    March 20, 2012

    Hi Ava! I am enthusiastic about the upcoming lifts workshop you mentioned was scheduled. I don’t see it on your website’s calendar. I’m not on Facebook. Would you be willing to post it on the calendar or send me a message about the day and time it will be held? Thanks.

  3. allen s
    August 28, 2012

    I LOVE seeing how successful the studio is!

    I miss your classes terribly. Crazy as it sounds, they don’t don’t real salsa here in Medellín. They just mash something together and call it salsa. And the women have no idea how to follow (nor the men know how to lead.) They just dance the same dance in front of each other. And NO ONE knows how to teach it, that’s for sure! Blech.

    So I see “Photography by Peter Chuang” is in the corner of every page on your site. Peter did ALL your photography? Are you sure? Because if not, he probably shouldn’t take credit for all of it. Seriously.


    • ava
      September 9, 2012

      Hi Allen
      I’ll look into the photog. credit thing. I don’t even know who that is? Perhaps it’s something associated with the template. I’ll ask my web helper to look into it.
      Thanks and take care!

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