Omulu Capoeira Guanabara

Capoeira is a collective art form that brings together dance, music, acrobatics and martial arts. Created four centuries ago by African slaves in Brazil in their struggle for freedom & survival, capoeira was still illegal to practice until the 1930s, but since then has acquired enormous popularity among people of all ages and backgrounds in Brazil & throughout the world.
Practiced in a communal setting within a circle of players, or “roda,” and set to a hypnotic, pulsing rhythm, capoeira calls for intuition, skill, grace and physical strength.

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Omulu Capoeira Guanabara is an international partnership that has two headquarters. One is based in San Francisco, California, directed by world-renowned Mestre Preguiça, a student of the famed Mestre Bimba and the late Mestre Carlos Aceituno, who passed away in 2006.
The other headquarters is based in Stockholm, Sweden, led by Mestre Di Mola. The two function as one, and provide one of the world’s largest networks of affiliated capoeira academies, with branches in Brazil, the U.S., Canada, Sweden, Venezuela, Mexico, and Japan.

Omulu Capoeira Guanabara at Symbolic Dance offers classes taught by Instructor Palhaço and Instructora Andorinha. Both instructors had been regularly training in capoeira for over 15 years with Mestre Carlos Aceituno until his passing in 2006. Palhaço and Andorinha have carried on Mestre Carlos Aceituno’s legacy by continuing classes.
Fitness, acrobatics, music and community are essential elements that are present in every class. Our classes are mixed level and incredibly beginner friendly. We make sure we challenge each student based on their skill level and encourage them to grow. For more information on our classes, visit our website at

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